Consultante en Ergonomie / Human factors engineer : workplace design, work organisation, user-centred design.
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Ergonome diplômée de l'université de Derby et technicienne de laboratoire expérimentée dans le développement de produits pour l'industrie chimique. Habituée à travailler au sein d'équipes pluri-disciplinaires et multinationales, je communique facilement en français, allemand et anglais.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Entreprise de montage/démontage d'échafaudage

Fields of practice:
Conception de postes de travail, Organisation du travail, User-centred design

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction securite Direction de l'organisation Direction Industrielle

Types of interventions:
Ergonomie participative: organisation du travail

Training courses attended:
Effective presentation skills
Berufsbildner in Lehrbetrieben (canton de Bâle-campagne)

MSc Ergonomics (Human factors) - University of Derby (UK)
DUT Science et Génie des matériaux - UNiversité de Mulhouse (FR)


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
MS office (utilisateur avancé) SPSS - NVivo

Languages: Fr De En

Some references:
Consultant à la recherché d'une première mission

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laboratory technician of the chemical industry in Switzerland and Germany, I am
a graduate in MSc Ergonomics (Human factors) option Ergonomics & Design from
the University of Derby since June 2013. This career shift was motivated by a
growing interest for the health and safety of the workplace and I decided to
use and develop the skills necessary to the protection and enhancement of
worker well-being and safety.

my previous positions, I have a good knowledge of the chemical and pharmaceutical
area and I am experienced in working and managing projects for the development
of product in multi-disciplinary teams.

I also like the contact with people and
I am used to speak or to make presentation in front of an audience. Of French
mother tongue, I studied in a program in English and have also strong language
skills in English and German from my previous experience in a multinational

Methodical and organised, I am used to collect and analyse qualitative
or quantitative data.

I am interested in the prevention of work-related illness and the promotion of health at work, which include to take into account both physical and psychosocial risks.
Potential mission could be workplace design or re-design, the improvement of work organisation and work process to adapt task to the worker and to enhance worker's well-being and satisfaction.
For my research project I conducted an intervention in scaffolding industries aiming to improve the work organisation. Therefore I moderated discussions with scaffolders, developed and followed the implementation of relevant solutions.

Having decided to make the option of Ergonomics & Design, I am also interested in usability testing and user-centred design of products.


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